Symposium MEIS2013:
Mathematical Progress in Expressive Image Synthesis


Date: 21-23 October 2013

Venue: Centennial Hall Kyushu University School of Medicine, Fukuoka, Japan


Computer graphics (CG) modeling has developed considerably over the last decade, bringing greater fidelity and interaction in various applications. However, subjects such as fluids and virtual humans continue to pose challenges for computer graphics.
This symposium is intended to search for possible new mathematical approaches to these difficult subjects. This will be undertaken through the tight collaboration between mathematicians and graphics researchers at the symposium, and by considering novel directions such as exploring the mathematics of visual perception. In addition, by including experts and practitioners from other sciences and industries, this symposium will give attendees the chance to discuss and work together on these problems with an interdisciplinary group.

Co-supported by Computer Graphics and cad, Information Processing Society of Japan
Information Processing Society of Japan Kyushu Branch


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